All things Autumn!! AKA Awesome!

There’s something about the leaves turning different shades of orange and drying on the floor to be ran through that gets your heart racing! Although the wind blows the leaves off the trees a little too quickly, there is still fun to be had, in the garden, at the park and even the beach is one of the best places to go in autumn, yes it’s almost that time of year, the air gets crisper after a HOT HOT HOT summer, and it’s time to start thinking ahead to the start of school and the beginning of the autumn term…with Halloween to come-YES! That’s before Christmas- we will definitely be doing some form of Halloween themed something, possibly a gathering with friends as the Little Ones love Halloween and so do us adults.


If you’re thinking of pumpkin buying this year, please consider local growers before you splash out at the supermarket, i believe Brooklands farm in Guernsey have pumpkins and i know we’ll definitely be getting ours from there! here is a great article on meal ideas for leftover pumpkin!! our favourite recipe is here at pumpkin risotto! and the recipe we would love to try is the waffles which can be found here.


So, that’s pumpkins covered! onto conkers…so much fun!! when we were kids we used to have conker matches-YES! we still do-our Little Ones will one day be champs at conkers here are some really cool ideas to do with the Little Ones collections of conkers, if you’re anything like us it happens every year!! Also a really awesome looking article for uses for conkers with an older twist can be found here

Classic Autumn Leaves Wallp TLG.png

and Finally all the leaves!! remember our post on painting?? if not check it out, please!! Well Leaves in autumn may just be our favourite! so many colours, variety’s and textures! we will take a ‘special bag’ to the park collect different leaves and whatever we find and then paint with them. the Little Ones love it especially the special bag!! Also we love the ideas in this post, give it a read and let us know!!

We would love to hear what your favourite autumn activity is…Let us know in the comments below!!

our next post may have to be a whats in season now…stay tuned!!




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